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Delayed Life Insurance Claim

Even though insurance companies are required to conduct prompt claim investigations, life insurers frequently delay claims for months or even years.

Denied Life Insurance Claim

Has Your Life, Health, Property or Other Insurance Claim Been Delayed or Denied? We are ready to discuss and evaluate your case FREE of CHARGE.

Denied AD&D Claim

Accidental death policies are designed to provide financial support to beneficiaries when the insured dies due to accidental means. 

Accidental Death Claims

Life Insurance Policies often have two components. There is usually a “basic life” component and an AD&D component.

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Only an attorney highly experienced with life insurance cases will know the first thing about how to successfully pursue your case. Nevertheless, many beneficiaries call us after they got help from their brother-in-law or family friend who is a lawyer. Usually this results in a quick second denial. Save yourself the aggravation and send in our Online Form. Our DiGeorge Life Insurance Law Team is standing by 24 hours a day every day of the year.


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Denied AD&D Client

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Please note: Our life insurance denied claims appeals practice is national in scope. Our law firm is headquartered in the beautiful state of Colorado and we proudly represent beneficiaries of unjustly delayed and denied life insurance claims across America 🇺🇸