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Dealing With a Denied Life Insurance Claim

Being denied a life insurance claim can be a frustrating and upsetting situation. You could appeal the denial on your own, but it requires an ample amount of legal knowledge, resources, and time are required to successfully contest your case.

For the best success, you’re best choice is to seek the advice of a qualified, experienced and aggressive life insurance lawyer from the best life insurance law firm. We support you and work with you to ensure we get the best outcome for your case. You’re not alone and we are here to help!

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Reasons for Denied Life Insurance Claims 

When your insurer denied your life insurance claim, they should have provided you with a written notice explaining their decision. There are many reasons why life insurance claims get denied.

If you don’t agree with the denial and you think the insurers have made a mistake, you can gather evidence to back up your claim and call our life insurance law firm to find out how we can help.

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Why would a life insurance claim be delayed?

There are several reasons why a life insurance claim might be delayed. Some of the common reasons include:

Incomplete Documentation: If the required documentation for the claim is not provided or is incomplete, the insurance company may delay the processing of the claim until they receive all the necessary documents.

Investigation: If the insurance company suspects foul play or has concerns about the circumstances surrounding the insured’s death, they might initiate an investigation to ensure that the claim is valid. This investigation can cause delays.

Policy Terms and Exclusions: If the cause of death is not covered by the policy, the claim might be denied or delayed while the insurance company reviews the policy terms and exclusions.

Beneficiary Disputes: In cases where there are disputes among beneficiaries or if the beneficiary designation is unclear, the insurance company might delay the claim until the issue is resolved, often through legal means.

Suicide Clause: Many life insurance policies have a suicide clause, which stipulates that if the insured dies by suicide within a certain period (usually within the first two years of the policy), the death benefit might not be paid out. The insurance company may investigate the circumstances surrounding the death before making a determination.

Medical Records and Autopsy: If the cause of death is unclear or if the insurance company needs more information about the insured’s medical history, they might request medical records or an autopsy report, which can cause delays.

Outstanding Premiums: If the insured had missed premium payments or the policy lapsed due to non-payment, the insurance company might delay the claim until the premium payment is settled.

Change in Beneficiary: If the beneficiary designation was changed recently or if there is confusion about who the rightful beneficiary is, the insurance company might delay the claim until beneficiary details are confirmed.

Legal and Regulatory Requirements: There might be legal or regulatory requirements that the insurance company needs to fulfill before processing a claim, which could result in delays.

High Policy Amounts: In the case of high-value policies, the insurance company might undertake a more thorough review to ensure everything is in order, which can lead to longer processing times.

Administrative Delays: Sometimes, claims can be delayed due to internal administrative processes within the insurance company, such as a backlog of claims to be reviewed.

It’s important to note that insurance companies have an interest in processing claims promptly and fairly. Delays are often the result of ensuring that the claim meets all the policy’s terms and conditions and that fraudulent or invalid claims are prevented. If you’re experiencing a delay, it’s advisable to maintain open communication with the insurance company and inquire about the reasons for the delay. If you believe the delay is unjustified, you might consider seeking legal advice or escalating the matter within the insurance company.