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Accidental Death And Dismemberment Payouts

Accidental Death And Dismemberment (AD&D)

Life Insurance Policies often have two components. There is usually a “basic life” component and an AD&D component. In many cases the life insurance company will pay the basic death benefit; but they will deny the accidental death and dismemberment payout. Usually the AD&D policy is larger so the life insurance company has a greater incentive to find a way to deny the claim or rescind the policy for misrepresentation on the policy application. DiGeorge Life Insurance Law has great expertise in winning denied AD&D claims. We handle many cases where the cause of death is murder or homicide. Many times the police and coroner incorrectly label homicides as an accidental drug overdose. We see many cases where someone was intentionally given fentanyl to kill them. All denied accidental death and dismemberment claims should be closely examined by an experienced life insurance policy lawyer.

Now A Little Info About FEGLI Cases

FEGLI stands for Federal Employees Group Life Insurance, and is a program that provides federal employees with group life insurance, in fact, it is the largest group life program in the world, comprised of more than four million members. Not only does it insure federal employees, but it insures retirees as well as their family members. The Office of Personnel Management oversees it, but the life insurance coverage is provided by MetLife.

FEGLI Beneficiary

Unlike other life insurance, the employee must name a beneficiary to receive the death benefit. Under FEGLI, the beneficiary named in the policy is the only valid recipient of the policy proceeds.

With respect to a FEGLI beneficiary change, what do I do if there is a beneficiary dispute?

If an employee wants to change the beneficiary, a FEGLI Beneficiary Change Form must be signed in front of 2 witnesses. It must be approved by OPM which is the Office of Personnel Management before the death of the employee. Issues arise as to whether the beneficiary change is valid both when OPM receives the form before death, as well as after death.

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