DiGeorge Life Insurance Law has successfully handled cases where our client had initially used another law firm to fight a denied life insurance claim only for their firm to also be denied. If their attorney is not able to get a policy paid, most people give up and stop pursuing the claim. Although it can be disheartening to receive repeated denials on a life insurance policy that should be paid, persistence often does pay off. There are many cases where getting a second opinion is the first step in getting a denial overturned.

In reviewing cases where another law firm had been hired by the client, we often see that the first attorney framed their legal argument incorrectly or failed to draw the correct inferences from subtle bits of information. In demanding that the policy be paid they did not put forth a winning “theory of recovery”.

Establishing the correct theory of recovery is everything when it comes to getting a life policy paid. Obviously there are many life insurance claims that are rightfully denied. This blog, however, is referring specifically to those clients that have legitimate claims, but are still unable to get the policy paid. These clients have good cases; and, as the beneficiary, they are entitled to the policy being paid. Nevertheless, for any of a thousand possible reasons, the life insurance company is refusing to pay.

Establishing a winning theory of recovery means leaving the life insurance company no wiggle room to avoid its contractual liability to pay the claim. On the other hand, demanding payment based upon the wrong theory of recovery almost always guarantees a denial. In fact, insurance company claim agents are thrilled when the client or their attorney asserts the wrong theory of recovery because they will respond to the argument that’s put forth and avoid addressing the circumstances that would establish their legal liability to pay. If you, or your attorney, do not clearly establish the insurance company’s legal liability to pay the claim, the life insurance company is not going to do it for you.